Rev. W. Douglas Russell
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We are gathered here today

in the site of God

and in the face of family and friends

to join together ______________ & _____________

in holy matrimony.

Which is an honorable estate, instituted of God, since the first

man and the first woman walked on the earth.

Therefore, it is not to entered into unadvisedly, or lightly,

but reverently and soberly.  Into this Holy Estate,

these two persons come now to be joined.



If anyone can show just cause

why they may not be lawfully

joined together, let them speak

now, or forever hold your peace.


Wo presents this woman

to be married to this man today?

(Her mother and I do)



I require and charge you both,

that if either of you know any

impediment, why you may not

be lawfully joined together in

matrimony, that you confess it now.





Dear Lord, we ask Your blessing for our bride and groom with patience

on this day of matrimony.


We pray that the sacred commitments of this day will

sustain then throughout their lives.


May the love that binds then be strong and lasting, and

may their hearts be filled with patience and

understanding for one another.


May they be blesses with health, courage, and good

fortune, as their love and friendship deepens through the

months and years of their lives.


We pray that they find peace together


As ____________ & ____________ stand before us, willing

and able to commit to each other for a lifetime, we realize that

marriage symbolizes the love and harmony that

transcends everything in the universe.


May we all be encouraged to find the spiritual qualities

that bring is all closer to one another, so that we may

learn to truly love and respect each other. AMEN




This is the day you have chosen to become husband

and wife.  We who are here,